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SAP BPC Architecture and Project Examples

Here you may find a BPC Architecture Examples Slide Deck -  an introduction to SAP BPC and an overview of business planning projects. It also covers:

  • Basic capabilities and use cases for SAP BPC 10.1 for BW on HANA, BPC 11.0 for BW/4HANA (BPC/4HANA)

  • Architecture options, advantages of SAP BPC Embedded 

  • Business planning project examples on how BPC embedded can be used to address specific customer needs in the Retail sector

Want a Proof of Concept?

We can help set up a Proof of Concept solution to validate the latest SAP BPC Embedded capabilities on top of SAP HANA. Below are screenshots from a POC example that took a few days to set up in order to validate BPC Embedded and demonstrate how it can be used in a particular business scenario. 

Business Scenario for a POC

An organization is using SAP BW/4HANA as an Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW) platform. The EDW contains a number of models for data analytics based on actual sales, procurement and production datasets. There is a need to empower business users with sales planning capabilities leveraging the model for actuals.  

Proposed Solution  

Use SAP BPC Embedded on SAP BW/4HANA. Disaggregate Plan values in proportion to the historical sales actuals. Set up and customize input entry forms by user group and activity for Revenue, Expenses and Demand Planning.

The following screenshots outline architecture, design and an input sheet (AFO) used in the BPC Embedded (BW/4HANA) solution in the POC: 

BPC Embedded, BW4HANA
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