May 15, 2018

Comparison Between: AngularJS Vs Node JS - Which is Better?



AngularJS vs Node JS


AngularJS vs Node JS - Building web applications using JavaScript is a common approach in the present time. The thing is a lot of businesses have felt the need to adopt web applications for continuous growth. Thus they often look for the best frameworks that can be considered for this task. If you are familiar with the basics of web applications development, possibly you know how popular AngularJS and NodeJS are in the present scenario. They both are the famous JavaScript application framework that has enabled businesses to keep up the pace by having web applications that are rich in features


Although both are equally popular, this doesn’t actually mean both are equal to each other in every aspect. There are certain differences actually and a lot of factors are there on which emphases is to be given before you choose one. In this post, we spotlighted some important aspects related to both these frameworks and have compared them to various aspects to help you understand the difference and similarity between them.


What exactly AngularJS is?

AngularJS is supported by Google along with a community of some of the very passionate developers. It is basically an open-source approach that is very common and has helped enterprises to have simply the best web applications without compromising with anything. When it comes to considering dynamic views in web applications, AngularJS is the best option to consider. The best feature is MVW components and architecture that has contributed a lot to its popularity. A very large number of organizations have considered this framework for interactive web applications, as well as for data-driven apps. It attracts very simply with HTML.


What makes it easy to use than NodeJS?


Angular JS has an excellent feature equipped with it and i.e. developers can simply decouple DOM manipulation very simply from an application logic. NodeJS cannot handle this task simply. AngularJS is the best framework to consider when it comes to developing single page applications. Also, features such as Filters, directives, as well as automatic data binding eliminate the need to write lengthy codes and therefore it is a better approach as compared to NodeJS in terms of features.


Mobile support and browser compatibility in AngularJS


When it comes to Mobile support and browser compatibility, users have to implement features one after one. This makes the task time consuming and there are several problems related to codes that often declare their presence. Also, Angular JS lacks IE 8 support and therefore it is not considered by those who look for same. Sometimes this makes it not a preferable choice for cross platform hybrid applications development. There are certain modules in AngularJS that are best for the web developing mobile websites, but they are slow. This is exactly what that makes developers consider NodeJS as it doesn’t face any issue like this.


Other Differences Between Node JS and AngularJS


Testing AngularJS applications are simpler than NodeJS. This is because developers can manage tasks without writing lengthy codes in AngularJS. There is an inbuilt runner in the AngularJs which is known as Karma which helps it in cutting down the issues related to testing. NodeJS doesn’t easily interact with other tools while AngularJS can interact with them.


This is exactly what that makes both these frameworks totally different from each other. You can proceed with AngularJS when it comes to developing single page applications while NodeJS is best for developing applications for messaging as well as chatting. Also, the speed of AngularJS is fast and complex tasks can be handled in the shortest possible time with this framework.

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