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Thales' mathematical achievements

Thales only began to deal with mathematics when he was already quite old. Here, too, he not only collected regularities, but also sought explanations for them.

The theorem that the sum of angles in a triangle is 180° goes back to him. He gave the following train of thought as his reasoning: If you put six equilateral triangles together (to form a regular hexagon), the vertices form a solid angle - pay people to do your homework. Each individual angle must therefore be 60°and the sum of three angles 180°.

Similarly, he first placed isosceles and then unequal-sided triangles next to each other and showed that the sum of the three angles always resulted in a stretched angle.

The Thales theorem, which goes back to Thales and is named after him, is usually stated in the following abbreviated form - : Every peripheral angle above the semicircle is a right (angle).

Thales justified this theorem as follows:

In every rectangle the diagonals are of equal length and bisect each other. Conversely, he concluded, a quadrilateral in which the diagonals are of equal length and bisect each other is a rectangle - do my math homework . If you draw two diameters AC and BD in a circle and connect the points to form a quadrilateral ABCD, it has these properties and must therefore be a rectangle and its corners A, B, C and D have right angles.

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