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Differences of Master's, Candidate's and Doctoral Military Dissertations

You can study military affairs only in the relevant universities operating under departments. Graduates of these educational centers receive a certain qualification not lower than a master's degree.

In the master's thesis, the author must summarize the theoretical and scientific aspects, note the development of the problem over time and its current state, reflection. At the same time, it is important that the researcher develop recommendations for solving a complex issue. To carry out scientific work, it is enough to study specialized literature, scientific works of predecessors.

Is there a difference in dissertations of different academic degrees?

In the Ph.D. thesis, the author gets acquainted with the topic on the example of a particular company, department. Here it is important to first accompany the study with theoretical materials, and then trace the effect of the problem on the object. Moreover, the solution to the problem will be intended exclusively for a specific structure. Here, to write a project, you will need access to confidential and / or classified information.

The doctoral military dissertation is aimed at solving a global problem, creating innovations. Here the author must answer a question that has not yet been answered by other scientists. The work is difficult, but interesting, requiring special efforts and skill, competence. Perhaps because of this, doctors of military sciences rarely become doctors. Moreover, only practitioners who have real knowledge about the research problem are sent to doctoral studies. As a rule, the writing of doctoral military dissertations is associated with military, state and other secrets.

Features of defense of military dissertations

The defense of military dissertations takes place in a special regime. Firstly, to evaluate the research, the Rector of the University creates a special commission or applies to the Discussion Council, where specialists qualified in certain fields work: candidates and doctors of chemical, technical, military and other sciences.

The specifics of the defense of the dissertation of the military

If “secret data” was used during the writing of the dissertation, then only those examiners who have access to them, understand all the nuances, have information on the topic, etc., can attend the defense. Secondly, before the dissertation is defended, the material must be published on a special website. Secret data is not subject to disclosure, but scientific work is published on "closed" services.

The presence of an academic degree in the military environment is honorable and prestigious, and even profitable. Employees of law enforcement and other structures are provided with bonuses and some benefits, the process of moving up the career ladder is accelerating. Writing dissertations allows authors to fulfill themselves, improve the industry and earn a decent reputation.

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