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SAP BPC Embedded and BW Workspaces

It is BW Workspaces that bring additional agility in business planning applications with SAP BW 7.5 on HANA and BW/4HANA. SAP BPC Embedded is a strategic business planning tool leveraging the power of HANA with top down disaggregations on large datasets and HANA-optimized planning functions. At the same time SAP BPC Embedded has become more agile from the business user’s point of view. Master data management and data modelling by Line of Business users (LOB) can be done easier and faster using BW Workspaces. Below I illustrate how SAP BPC Embedded can be used together with BW Workspaces, and describe a few relevant architecture examples.

Table of Contents

  • Business Planning Scenario

  • Why BPC Embedded?

  • Create and Manage BW Workspaces

  • Example of Flexible Master Data Management

  • Example of BPC Embedded Data Flow

  • Role of BW Workspaces

Business Planning Scenario

Sales and demand planning departments in a retail organization need efficient tools and capabilities for planning and monitoring seasonal sales campaigns. There are several campaigns running every year. Product SKUs are renewed on a regular basis campaign by campaign, that is new SKUs are added, and some old ones are removed. Several new shops open during the year, some shops close down. Business planning process needs to consider historical sales, SKU classification by campaign, assortment planning by shop, plan increase/decrease ratios by Vendor, Brand, Geography, etc.

Planning tool must automate master data management, e.g. managing lists of articles and shops by campaign, country, year. At the same time, it should provide flexible and powerful planning capabilities on large datasets, and easy access to the actual sales data warehouse with existing master data.


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