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Automate Master Data Management in SAP BPC Embedded


In order to automate Promotional Sales Planning process for a Retail organization we want to provide business users with a set of tools for uploading sales targets by product group (groupings of articles), promotional schedule, and promo periods. This master data is not always defined in advance, and is usually uploaded or corrected several times during the year. We want to automate the process from the business user’s point of view where they take control over master data uploads, refreshes, sales target data entry and KPI analysis.

From a technical point of view we want to leverage SAP BPC Embedded and benefit from the existing master data in BW and models for actuals. We also want to use BW Workspaces to refresh and upload user managed master data. For more information on how to set up and use BW Workspaces with BPC Embedded please see the white paper: SAP BPC Embedded and BW Workspaces.


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