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Modelling in SAP HANA vs BW/BPC, How to Benefit from Mixed Scenarios

For an organization involved in SAP HANA implementation it is hard to choose the right tools, skills, and resources needed for project’s success. If we specifically look at the existing Data Warehousing products from SAP, certain SAP BW components like master data capabilities, non-cumulative modelling, business planning functionality, analysis authorizations are not easy to design from scratch in HANA native. On the other hand, there is a lot of built-in functionality in SAP HANA, functions from business libraries (BFL, AFL, PAL), flexibility of calculation views, data masking features, etc. that does not really make sense to redesign on the ABAP side.

Below I review a few use cases and scenarios showcasing mixed modelling approaches. The focus is on so called “mixed scenarios” recommended by SAP where we can benefit from both BW and HANA native development.


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