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Generate and Assign Authorizations Automatically in SAP BW/BPC

Business Analytics applications nowadays expose huge amounts of data to large groups of users. In either reporting, analytical tasks or business planning scenarios we would like to give access only to the data users are supposed to see. Authorized data is normally defined in a set of business rules. These rules may be complex and involve dynamic organizational structure that evolves over time.

It would be nice to have proper authorizations applied in BI reports, Business Planning or transactional applications, where business complexity is realized via BW Analysis Authorizations. What would be especially super nice to have is that these authorizations are generated and assigned to users automatically!

Business Planning applications on SAP BPC embedded (S/4HANA) can also have a huge win with automated Analysis Authorizations assignments. In multi-user multi-departmental planning scenarios users may potentially lock each other. In cases where planning access is restricted to the department user is responsible for, other users will not be locked, and can perform business planning activities for other departments at the same time.

In the post below I will go through steps needed to automate Analysis Authorizations generation, and review how you can save on redundant manual processes required in maintaining complex organizational structures, user and authorization assignments.


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